229th Information Ops Sqdn Course GUI

Responsive and retina optimized courseware GUI for the VT Air Guard 229th Information Operations squadron, which teaches cyber and information ops courses to members of various military and civilian organizations as prerequisites to more advanced in-resident training. This interface is the black navigation panel which appears at the bottom of the screen in the examples below, as well as the banner above. Although the navigation panel looks largely different on each device, it's the same code, and mostly the same image sprites adjusting their selves accordingly.

The content featured inside these examples are some of the learning tools I designed and developed with JavaScript and XML, which give feedback based on answers and recommend whether or not to continue reading, or review previous course lessons before moving on.

Like many of my projects with the 229th, these knowledge checks help to break up the monotony of the course, and reduce learning fatigue. The examples shown (respectively) are a multiple choice quiz, where users select their answer before clicking continue, a drag and drop quiz using a word bank, and a command line simulator.

Role: Design & Front end Development

Hosted on private network

229th IOS responsive mobile ui and knowledge check design 229th IOS responsive desktop ui and knowledge check design 229th IOS responsive desktop ui and drag and drop knowledge check 229th IOS responsive desktop ui and command line simulator