Eric Gage
Web Design & Development

Cyber/Information Ops Choose Your Own Adventure Scenario

Below is a responsive and retina optimized choose your own adventure style training scenario GUI that I designed and developed for the VT Air Guard 229th Information Ops Sqdn, used to demonstrate real life examples of decision making processes in which a thorough understanding of the course material is required.

In this project I was given complete creative control over the interface and asked to design with the goal of creating an illusion that the user has left the monotony of their course to enhance focus on the hypothetical scenarios at hand.

To do so, the navigation console shown at the bottom of the 229IOS course GUI (seen in my other 229th projects) was removed, and I created a highly detailed collage background in Photoshop during the composition phase, and added a script to replace the course GUI's banner with a matching color. I developed the functional interface with CSS and JavaScript, and it's both responsive and optimized for retina devices.

responsive choose your own adventure scenario mobile choose your own adventure desktop